Friday, March 4, 2011

Shattering Goals and Eating Peeps

A while ago, I was talking to a friend about running goals. I told him that I would really just like to be able to run five miles on a whim - run five miles everyday if I wanted to. I never thought I'd be able to do this, and thought that my brother being able to do it was just him having my dad's running genes and body type. I do NOT have a runner's body type. I probably never will. I could drop another thirty pounds and still not look like a stereotypical runner. But you know what I've learned? THAT DOESN'T MATTER. It doesn't matter what your body type is, because you can still do it. Because you know what I realized the other day? I can run five miles on a whim. I can run MORE than five miles on a whim. And I MISSED my goal. I didn't even REALIZE that I had surpassed that goal, because I thought it was so impossible that I never even hung onto the thought. But now I can do it.

Y'know what else I can do? I can run ten miles. Yes, today I realized that I had not only met a goal in life, but I had SHATTERED it by moving through it and doubling it. Surpassing it. KILLING it.

I thought the ten miles would be brutal. I got to the gym and as I was putting on my shoes I realized that I a) forgot my towel and b) forgot my iPod. The towel sucked because our water heater at home is broken, so I couldn't take a hot shower at the gym like I had planned. The lack of iPod sucked because... ten miles on a treadmill without music? Really? Is that... possible? I mean, my brother does it, but he's like super zen runner guy. I seriously considered just saying "screw it." But I realized that I was being a wuss, and forced myself out there. I definitely had high and low moments of the run, but none of them were THAT low. Before this, my longest run was 8 miles, so I thought adding two would be DOABLE but I would feel like this:

But instead, I felt like this:

Ok, maybe I wasn't as fast as Prefontaine, but I felt like I was flying. I intentionally kept my pace slower than usual (about a 12 minute pace) so I could keep my heart rate lower. The past few months I've noticed my heart rate a little too eager to jump off the charts (I'm talking like 195), and I didn't want to get too tired too quickly or have my heart explode, so I kept my pace down and my heart rate down around 165. Even though some of the miles felt a little slow, it definitely paid off in the end. Mostly, I was in the zone. I was loving most of it except for the boredom that is inevitable if you spend too long on a hamster wheel.

Ten miles in 2:12. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Also, I can't stop eating Peeps. They're like crack to me. Those and Skittles. I eat at least one bag of Skittles a week.

Look at that. It's like an ocean of sugary gooey goodness and I want to bite ALL of their heads off.

What's the run you're proudest of to date? This one might be mine.

Is there a candy that you just can't get enough of? SKITTLES.

Are you as obsessed with Easter candy as I am? I had a Cadbury Egg the other day, and thought I might die of happiness. Between that and the Peeps, it's just amazing.


  1. Great job on the 10 miles Meghan!

    My proudest run? When I did 8.2 miles last month. Like you, I just took my time. But I was so surprised that I could do it! I haven't been able to find that frame of mind since then, but it could be because I am having a shin problem and don't ant to ruin my next 4 races that I have spent a lot of money on!

    Candy Corn and Circus Peanuts bring me to my knees! And the Cad Eggs? I have had the power to stay away from them so far this season. But I swear, one may jump into my basket while I am at CVS one of these days!

  2. Hahaha, that's one of my favorite Simpson's episodes. It's how I picture myself on every run after I've indulged in the really bad stuff (read: mozz sticks, bags of chocolate chips, etc.).

    It was really hard for me to learn that an easy, slow, steady pace for longer distances really is the way to go. Good for you for learning that early on! So proud of you for you kick ass run!

  3. Great run!! I *love* Skittles. They're the best ever!