Sunday, November 28, 2010


Triathlon training officially starts tomorrow. I have my magnet bracelets, my Ironman watch, a swim cap, and new goggles. I'm technically ready, but I'm a little nervous. The swimming is the part of the triathlon that scares me (and I seriously doubt I'm alone in that) and I haven't really swam in many years. I used to be a pretty good swimmer so I'm not starting from scratch, but it's still a little scary. However, I was just reading an article in Women's Health about muscle memory, and I'm hoping my muscles remember how to swim.

Also, I've had a cold developing since Thursday or so. My throat has been feeling more and more raw by the day, and my nose is getting stuffier. Apparently my immune system didn't get the memo that I need to get in a pool on Monday to step up the "kicking my own ass" game.

That's really all I have to say for now. At this point, I'm eager to get the ball rolling - but I'm giving myself today off from working out to try to actually get over my cold.

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