Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hugs for Janae.

Janae over at http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/ just found out that she can't run Boston, and we're giving her as many hugs as possible. Therefore, these are pictures of HUGS from my young years to more recent years. And to everyone else who's in these pics, just remember, it's for a good cause. There's even a hug from my Knightley in here. WE ALL LOVE YOU, JANAE!!!


  1. So nice! I love that everyone is giving Janae virtual hugs. Such cute pics!

  2. AHHHHHHH!!! WOW!!! Girl, you absolutely made my day!! Thank you so much for this sweet post. It meant the world to me and thank you so much for the virtual hugs LOVE YOU GORGEOUS GIRL!