Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twas the Night Before Race Day...

My half marathon is tomorrow. You'd think I've been trying not to think about it, but that's a little tough with signs like these ALL over my town.

Today was my first ever expo. Unfortunately, it was a little disappointing. Much more in way of jewelry vendors and chiropractors looking for patients than running stuff. I picked up my bib and shirt, bought a bright hat, entered a couple raffles, and bought some Avon products for dirt cheap.

Then, with my leftover money that I thought I'd be spending at the expo, I went to Target to get new pants for tomorrow. I got some sweet pants, a super thin long sleeve hoodie that will work for sun cover and I won't over heat in, and I got some clothes that actually fit me. My clothes have increasingly been a problem and most of them are way too big on me, so it was time to splurge for a few new things.

On my way home I drove the course for tomorrow and I suddenly understood the back of my shirt:

The course is very VERY hilly. You'd think I would know the extent of it going in seeing as it's my town, but I couldn't have understood how hilly it really is. It's going to be ridiculous. However, there are several miles of an unpaved road which, despite potential mud, I am REALLY looking forward to. It will be easier on the legs assuming that I can avoid the massive (and smaller) potholes. If nothing else, the course will be GORGEOUS. This is just one glimpse of it:

Then I had a weird turn of events in my evening. I was taking the dogs out, and Knightley took off on me. He found a baby muskrat stuck in a chain link fence. If any of you know me, you know I'm an animal lover. I love them so much that I don't eat meat. Therefore, I wasn't leaving a poor little animal stuck in a fence. I put the dogs in the house and asked my neighbor who I should call (thinking maybe animal control or something). He put on some gloves and got some wire cutters and between the two of us, we got the little guy out. He looked perfectly finally afterwards, despite some anger towards his rescuers. I wish I'd taken pictures, but I was too focused on helping to pull out the phone.

Lastly, I had cottage cheese pancakes for dinner:

The dogs like to think they're for them, but they're not. They're all MINE! (Ok, Jake got some too. Which is only fair because he made them.)

I followed up dinner with watching The Spirit of the Marathon and eating Skittles (yaay carb loading). So that's it. I'm going to bed soon, and my "invisible woman" is lying on my bedroom floor getting covered in cat fur. (Note: Invisible woman is when you lay out all of your race clothes on the floor so it looks like a person so you can look and see if you're missing anything important.) The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how I'll carry my Swedish Fish with me. Yes, I'm using Swedish Fish in place of something like Gu, because I have a weak stomach and pure sugar in form of candy works better for me. I decided on Swedish Fish after Janae recommended them.

I figured I would be overly anxious at this point but I'm at a strange point of zen. I'm excited, but also a little nervous. I think I just know that I'm going to finish the race, no matter what. I don't want to walk at all, but if I have to, I will have still completed a half marathon. The goal is officially less than three hours. Can I do it? I think I can I think I can...

So now I sleep. And next time you hear from me, I will officially be a half marathoner. See you on the other side...


  1. YAY! You are going to do awesome! Sorry the expo was disappointing...just wait until you do a super big race'll get lost among sales and running gear.

  2. Thank you thank you for your super sweet comment! Honestly, life is super crazy with two kids and work and running and all. But with my amazing and gracious partner in life, who allows me to run and have somewhat of a social life, it's a whole lot easier! Congrats on your first half! Amazing!!!