Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doing what I can.

Yet another day where I don't get to the pool. Seriously, you should see my To Do list. As a matter of fact, take a look:

Notice how much stuff ISN'T crossed off that list? Yeah. Sucks.

The good news is, I've made serious progress on the refinishing of the dresser and other things are slowly getting done. Also, I managed to get on the bike today even though I woke up massively sore from the work I did yesterday. I'm thinking that as long as I keep getting my biking workouts in this week, I'll call it a win. It's better than nothing - especially if I keep pushing my time and distance.

I biked about 15 miles before I realized that I was starving. I jumped off the bike, turned on the over to preheat, and jumped back on the bike. I cranked out another 5 and then quickly made an english muffin goat cheese and walnut pizza and threw it in the oven (nothing wrong with eating the same dinner two nights in a row - even though I only made one english muffin this time instead of two). I got on the bike, finished another two miles, and then I had hot (and delicious) food ready and waiting for me. My pauses to prep things lasted less than a minute each, so it really didn't disrupt my workout - and having food prepared when I was done? Pretty awesome.

Also, have I mentioned that I love water? Because I seriously love water. I've become one of those people who has to actively monitor how much water I drink, for fear of drowning myself.

That's all for now. Hope you're all safe and warm - skip the road run and opt for the treadmill tonight!

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