Friday, December 31, 2010

Ohhh hey.

So apparently I went into Christmas mode and decided to neglect this thing. Well the good news is, despite neglecting the blog, I haven't been neglecting my workouts. I spent Christmas in New Jersey with my family and, happily, my parents have their own little gym. That means that I got to run on a treadmill everyday I was down there, and I also got to use weight machines. They also have a stationary bike and an elliptical, but I'm anti-elliptical and I couldn't get my stride on a different-feeling bike, so I got fed up with it. It was a great time overall, and the fact that I didn't have to sacrifice workouts was the cherry on top. Especially since I did NOT eat healthily while I was there - if you ate my mom's cooking, you'd understand. She's legit the best cook in the world.

Now I'm back in New Hampshire, and a couple things have happened. One, Jake joined the gym! I'll slowly turn everyone in my life into gym rats.. just give me time. Two, I kicked a wall in the pool really hard. I went on Wednesday and got there early just to make sure I would get my own lane, and ten minutes later there was a massive influx of people. I guess some people have this week off or something, but it was really freaking annoying. I wound up having to share my lane, and anytime this happens I usually wind up kicking a wall. Usually it's a small scrape but this time it split open the skin below my pinky toe and has a very pretty bruise on it. And it hurts. This was taken about ten minutes after getting out of the pool - it's a little blacker now with a more noticeable red mark where it opened up.

Good times. The good news is, despite being in pain and frustrated out of my mind, I still finished 1000 yards and then high tailed it out of there. I'd kind of wanted to do a mile, but since I'd already gotten in a full workout pre-pool, I was fine with 1000. Hopefully the pool will be emptier next week when everyone goes back to work.

I took yesterday off, and not intentionally. I decided to stay up really late on wednesday night for no apparent reason, so I let myself sleep in. I kind of intended to get to the gym, but it would've been my seventh day in a row of working out and my body could use a small break. We saw Jake's parents last night and had a delicious (and not nutritious) dinner, so I definitely had to work out today.

I allowed myself to sleep in today, mainly because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to stay up till midnight tonight. So Jake and I went to the gym and I got a new PR on the bike - 20 miles in 48 minutes. It felt good other than the knee pain it caused, and therefore, I'm currently in an ice bath. I also kicked my butt with arm weights, but I'm not going to fully submerge into the ice bath. My arms will be fine without the ice! Oh, and Kalila is helping me take a bath (slash wondering why the heck I'm in her favorite hang out spot.

Tonight we're going out with friends and tomorrow around noon I'm running the 30th Annual Hangover Classic in Salisbury, MA. It's just a 5k, but it'll be a nice way to start the new year. It ends with an (optional but I'm totally doing it) ocean plunge - I'm thinking my ice baths will have prepared me for it. It'll be fun.

Lastly, tonight/tomorrow is our three year anniversary. I bought Jake a pretty awesome present, but I don't think it'll get here in time - so he'll have to be patient. But really that means that I'll have to be patient, because I love giving people presents and I want him to have it NOW. And for all of you who followed the drama of refinishing the dresser for his Christmas present, here is the before and after. I'm pretty pleased! The pain was worthwhile in the end. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Welcome back!! Sorry to see your poor toe. Um, yeah, REALLY SORRY because I hate looking at other people's feet! LOL! :) :)

    Love the before and after dresser piece. Can't believe how well it turned out!

    Way to keep up the workouts. Me, I've been a slacker, but I'm resolved to do better! Crossing fingers and toes :)


  2. Great job on keeping up the workouts! I'm neglected my workouts, my blog and Dailymile on my break from life of the last week and a half.

    Beautiful dresser...I bet it was a hit :)