Sunday, December 19, 2010


So today after an obnoxious workout day, instead of spending time dwelling on what was annoying me, I decided to think about other things. Such as:

1. What is the line with the acceptance of nakedness in the locker room? I understand that, by nature, nudity is more prevalent in the locker room at the pool. We're all naked under our bathing suits, which lends itself to a lot of nudity in the locker room when it comes time to change. I get that.

However, I feel like some people take it a little too far. For example, there are shower curtains in front of the showers, and yet some women don't use them. And I'm not talking about rinsing off before getting in the pool (i.e. wearing your swimsuit), I'm talking about being totally naked and legit showering, and leaving the curtain open. I'm really happy that you're THAT comfortable with your body, but now you're just being an exhibitionist. Be an exhibitionist somewhere else. I don't need to see every inch of your body in my attempt to get from the shower to the pool. Close the freaking curtain.

2. Lane etiquette. I understand that we have to share a swimming lane. That's what happens when there are like six lanes and there are like ten people trying to swim. That's fine. But please ask me if it's ok to jump in my lane with me. I'll say yes (while mentally yelling NO), but just ask! It's polite! Also, once you've joined someone else's lane, don't edge them out. This woman was fine at first (albeit slow - choose someone your pace next time) but then she put on flippers and was doing the breast stroke - thus taking up EVEN MORE space. Long story short, I wound up kicking the wall about three times before I was just done. The top of my right foot is scratched up and sore, and I'm waiting to see if it's bruised tomorrow.

Woman, next time I'm kicking you instead of the wall.

3. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good (yet affordable) bike trainer? I never thought I would be asking this question. When I was like eight years old I slipped on a pillow in my basement and crashed into my dad's bike trainer. A screw on it cut open my forehead, and I had to get both interior and exterior stitches in order to close it. Therefore, when anyone mentions a bike trainer, I get 'nam style flashbacks and I freak out a little bit. But considering that I'm really sick of my recumbent bike (it uses different muscles than the upright ones and it's impossible to achieve the same speed) it seems like a viable option. There are upright bikes at the gym, but I'm trying to factor in things like upcoming New Hampshire snow and potentially not being able to drive to the gym.

Lastly, not a question, but ice baths really are amazing. I took another one today, and I'm really in love with them. They suck at first but oh maaan do they help.

Let me know if you have any advice or thoughts. And stay warm!


  1. That is gross that they leave it open while they shower!?!?! I love my bike trainer, I have the kurt kinetic ($300) it is so so awesome. Ice baths are amazing!!

  2. We got our trainer off of Nashabar, I think in their post-Christmas sale. It's not one of the nicest ones, but it gets the job done :)

    I'm impressed with the ice bath. I haven't made it there yet!

  3. I have a cycleops fluid trainer. You can usually find them used on craigslist fairly cheap. They are around 300 new, but you can probably pick up a barely used one for 100-200. Probably because they are torture devices!

  4. I can't even imagine why anyone would want to leave the shower curtain open. That's just weird.

    I am in the market for a Kurt Kinetic, but the Rock n Roll version. Expensive bugger, but it looks to add a little fun to the ride.