Saturday, December 4, 2010


So today I decided that I desperately needed to go running. I haven't run since the 5k on Thanksgiving, and it was definitely time. I went to the gym (because I wanted to do weights afterwards), and as soon as I started on the treadmill, I realized that this was going to suck. Majorly. I felt sluggish, I wore baggy track pants instead of my usual tight muscle supporting pants, and worst of all - the pants were thick. I was running on a treadmill that wasn't directly under the fan, and I could feel the sweat pouring off of me. Usually I enjoy sweat - as weird as that sounds. It's a reward. It's proof that I'm kicking my ass. In this case, I just kind of wanted to pass out. I pushed myself to two miles (which was a struggle - which is sad in and of itself), and then stumbled off the treadmill.

Happy that the running was over, yet pissed off at how poorly it went, I moved onto weights. I wanted to do some arm weights in the absence of swimming, and had a pretty good round with those. I usually don't push myself too hard with the arms. They've always been my weakest asset and I get sore really quickly when I use weights. On the other hand, I can push myself hard on the leg machines and love every minute of it.

The real fun began after the workout. I went to shower, ecstatic to cool down. I jump in the shower and as I'm rinsing the shampoo out of my hair (read: too late to do anything about it), I realize that I don't have a towel. Not only did I not bring the towel out of the locker, but I took it out of my car the night before when I brought in my swimming stuff. I finish my shower and make do with paper towels (while feeling like a douchebag for destroying the environment), and start to get dressed.

This is the point where I realize that I forgot my bra. I dig through my bag and yep, the only bra I have is my sweat soaked sports bra. This is the point in the getting dressed process that I fully realize that I'm going to have to go braless. I should point out that I'm not one of those people that's OK with that. I'm NOT OK with going braless. It's awkward and slightly painful and unattractive. I put on my hoodie, and despite the fact that it's blatantly obvious that I'm NOT wearing a bra, I braid my soaking wet hair and make a mad dash to the car. I was going to go to the grocery store after the gym, but that CLEARLY didn't happen. I trudged home and told Jake about my ridiculous couple of hours, and then changed as quickly as possible.

Well, that's the end of my ridiculous day. It went on to improve - which included an incredible panini and seeing Tangled (fantastic movie, by the way), and now I'm relaxing.

Tomorrow? Back in the pool.

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  1. Oh no! The very first time I went to the pool to swim I realized I forgot a towel. I had to go straight to work and I spent the day feeling all gross and out of sorts after using paper towels and sporting damp clothes - not fun!

    Glad you at least got in some good weight training.