Monday, December 13, 2010

Terrible weather, negative attitude, and a website addiction.

I haven't worked out seriously since last Tuesday, and I was having a hard time getting motivated today. I wanted to start off my week with swimming but after having a hard time getting up and no caffeine in the house (gasp!) I knew that the pool wasn't going to happen today. After putzing around for a bit longer, I knew I had to do something today to force myself back into working out this week. Leaving the house was pretty much out of the question - it's disgusting outside. It's humid and pouring and just generally awful. Therefore, I got on my trusty stationary bike.

To say that I felt sluggish would be an understatement. I don't know if it was from almost a week of not working out or the lack of caffeine or a weekend of eating crap in celebration of finishing the semester... whatever it was, the first few miles sucked. They sucked so much that I desperately just wanted to stop (which is what I did yesterday in less than half a mile). However, with a DVR full of good shows to watch while working out (namely Tabatha's Salon Makeover and What Not to Wear), I forced myself to stick with it. Well, a bit over an hour later and I'd done 20 (very slow) miles. My legs felt a bit like jello when I got up and while I don't have that post-workout high, I AM glad I did it. It should make the rest of the week much easier.

Also, I'd like to mention a new obsession. A couple of friends (that strangely enough, I have not met in person - yay for Twitter and the whole "friend of a friend" connection) use Daily Mile, and while I was slightly interested, I never cared enough to set it up. But THEN, mid-rant one day on Twitter about how workout machines CANNOT give accurate readings of calories burned, Jess mentioned that she usually trusts to give her an accurate reading (with some wiggle room). This peaked my interest. I went online when I got home from the gym and looked at the website and decided to try it out. It proved to be a good way to keep track of workouts and to get a decent idea of how many calories I burned. Also, the charts are an awesome way to get motivated - either to keep going with the good work or to get started again. For example, my chart since signing up begs the question "wtf happened last week?" and makes me want to get my butt in gear.

I was on the website now, but I only had a couple of friends. This is when I started the quest for friends. I started friending people in the Triathlon communities and anyone else who knows what it's like to train when it's effing cold out. The more friends I got, the more I enjoyed the website. I could keep track of other people and how they were doing, give motivation, and receive comments on my workouts. It really makes you feel like you're not alone in your insanity - there are all of these other people out there doing the same thing as you and working toward a common goal.

In case it's not clear by now, I love it. However, there is one problem with the website - it's ADDICTING. I'm checking in like every ten minutes to comment on workouts! It's totally ridiculous, but there are much worse things that I could be addicted to. Also, without a motivating comment telling me to "just get out there" today, I would've had a much easier time skipping my workout. It's a community of people who will tell you to suck it up when you need motivation, and will praise the work you've done. What's not to love?


  1. Hahaha, I love that you're addicted!! :) It's such a great site. Watching your graphs and the "0 miles per week" it resets to on Monday help with motivation for sure!
    Good for you getting on the bike...that's sort of how my run yesterday was. Back in the game!

  2. I purposefully did not get on the DM today because I didn't feel like working out, didn't want a pep talk, and didn't want to see my graph giving me the evil eye.

    Great job on the bike today! I can't believe you can hit 20 miles in an hour. You're an animal!! :):)

    (36 year old fulltime RVer living la vida loca with a cute-butt husband and a stink-butt dog!)

  3. I am loving the DM!