Thursday, December 16, 2010

When I'm dead, I'll look great naked.

Holy crap. Ok. So this evening, I REALLY wanted to go running. However, I also REALLY didn't want to go to the gym. I wanted to run outside! In the real world! In the cold! I wanted that burning in my lungs! ...Then I realized that I own nothing, and I mean *nothing* that would stop me from getting hit by a car when I'm running at night. I don't have anything reflective, I don't have any lights - I don't even have a small freaking flashlight to carry with me (even though that was a good idea, Elizabeth).

So here's what I DID do. I opened the dvd that I got for free, "Look Better Naked," when I got my subscription to Women's Health.

I figured that it would be fun and something other than the recumbent bike. 25 minutes later, and only about half way through the entire dvd, I went from my plank/lunge/jump thing to collapsing in a pile of my own sweat. I was just DONE. Every single position and movement and everything else included lunges. Yes, this makes sense. It's about looking better naked and lunges kick your butt (both literally and metaphorically) so it's perfectly logical. However, for the kid with the bad knee, I can't do an excessive amount of lunges without wanting to die.

After pulling myself up from the floor (and after Knightley had licked sweat off of my face), I stumbled to the bike. I needed to do something to cool down my muscles, and I felt weird only working out for 25 minutes. I did a little over 13 miles on the bike, and followed it up with some weights. Now I'm excessively disgusting and sore and relaxing a little bit.

Two other things I wanted to mention, slash ask my handful of readers.

One: What are your favorite shows to watch while working out? My all time favorite has to be Too Fat for 15 (seriously, a great show. Interesting and inspiring.) and my new favorite is the Biggest Loser. I started watching it because The Hungry Runner Girl mentions it a lot and I was curious. After finding season one on Hulu, I'm officially addicted. Good stuff.

Two: What is your favorite quick re-boost snack? I've heard of people doing a spoonful of peanut butter or a slice of cheese - and while I love both of these things - my new favorite is a small handful of walnuts. No they're not salted, or roasted, or altered in any way. They're just raw and big and a few go a long way and they give me that little boost I need to get my head in the game.

(Don't those look delicious?)

What do you think? What are your favs? Let me know!


  1. HAHAHA!! Love will look great when you are dead ha! Great job...I am going to have to try that:) I am glad you are loving Biggest Loser! I LOVE walnuts!! I usually grab a piece of bread with pb when I am in a need of a fix. Hope you are having an amazing day:)

  2. Season one of Biggest Loser is on Hulu? I'm so there...I just got addicted via this current season!

    You've intrigued me with the Look Better Naked thing. I get the emails but have never sent away for the freebie.

    I like to watch really bad girly shows when I"m on the trainer. Catch up on the Grey's Anatomy, maybe some Bones and if I'm lucky, an episode of Fringe or Gossip Girl. Trainer time is trash t.v. time!

  3. HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN NEW JERSEY WITH JAKE!!! I hope you get your stand mixer, they are amazing!


    Quick boost food? Apple wedges with Trader Joe's Organic Peanut Butter to dip on the side!